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Bridget: Black Is The New Black

1. Fashion Icon: Mick Jagger

2. Guilty Pleasure: Vintage mirrors

3. Favorite place I’ve traveled: Haven’t been yet but I’d love to go to Brazil.

4. Beauty item I can’t live withoutChristian Dior Hypnotic Poison 

5. If I could only wear one designer it would be: Balmain

6. Favorite food: Chocolate covered pretzels

7. I take my coffee: A little cream with 2 sugars

8. The most treasured item in my closetChristian Siriano sample booties from the runway that were never produced. They encompass my style exactly and have a story behind them! 

9. I feel most comfortable in: Leather pants, a blazer with an emphasis on the shoulders, and a comfy tee

10. I’m most inspired when: I am listening to Skrillex

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